The Chelseamore

422 West 20 street, West Chelsea, New York
/ Condo –  880 sq ft  / Sold $1,865,000 – $2120 sq ft – 7 weeks on the market – sold 11.15

The Chelseamore is a two bedroom condo located across from the seminar garden, West 20th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenue. The building was renovated in 2012 and marketed by the Corcoran Group as a mint renovation. MS&Co. came into the picture in 2013 and reinvented the two-bedroom layout. Through a collaboration with Nightwood NY, they created an atmosphere focused on wood works.

From an ineffectual renovation operated by the developer, MS&Co. boosted the space with accent lights from Restoration Hardware, custom-made mirrors, and reclaimed wood paneling to the master bedroom and living room. The fireplace was restored with wood paneling, as well.

The living room has been redesigned with smart built-in shelving, creating a beautiful fade into the architecture. The space is soaked with sunlight, playing off the white details and wood trim. Interior furnishings, decorations and art are mainly from local sources and set to match the plethora of white and wood. The master idea was to reverse the inner bedrooms closets into hallway closets with industrial sliding door made out of reclaimed wood.

Corcoran Group sold this unit for $1,120,000 in 2013. The closing sale price after MS&Co. redesigned it in 2015 was $1,990,000. Link


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