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I' m Leonardo Annecca

Architect, entrepreneur and founder of MySuites & Co. in New York City.

I have been asked many times, what is MySuites and why?!

At the time I was working in San Francisco as architect with Anshen + Allen, I found myself with a foot in three different cities: Milan, Paris and New York. A foot meant a small suites, in each location, designed by me. These were the earliest beginnings of MySuites! As a young designer, style-minded and wallet-sensitive, I turned those homes into rentals for my creative friends on the move.

In 2007 I turned MySuites into my real first business with, a Manhattan-based company that I sold in 2013. MySuites served as the original boutique suites rental service in New York City, and brought a fresh approach to vacation rentals long before the explosion of airbnb.

Living in New York has taught me how to become a successful serial entrepreneur, and in 2014 I founded — a new architectural and real estate company inspired by the original “suite life” concept. With it, I established a unique collaborative agency that smoothly bridged the worlds of design, hospitality and real estate.

In 2017, partnering with Geralda from Spresso, I founded the SLS Design hotel for the development of small boutique hotels around the world.

During my career as a nomad designer, I left my prints in London and Copenhagen and then brought my two beautiful daughters to Manhattan where we truly lived the quintessential “suite life.” We have lived in almost every suites I’ve designed, and moved around at an incredible pace!

I’ve built houses for my entire life — beginning with simple tree houses at the age of 12. When I start designing boutique hotels as an architect at the beginning of my career, I could see how the “suite life” gene was already well established.

I continue to maintain a passion of making beautiful homes and suites for enthusiastic and driven people that love design adventures as much as I do.


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