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MySuites & Co. is known for designing the best small apartments in New York and staging top home listings for Compass and Douglas Eillman. We take a markedly different angle in our approach to interior design.

By specializing in small spaces since 2010, we’ve popularized the concept of the Suite Life. This design philosophy optimizes petite interiors within high-density urban contexts and equips them for maximum functionality and style. We prioritize ingenuity, glamour, and aesthetics with a European twist you can’t buy anywhere else.

The Suite Life is tailored for a business generation frequently on the move, who lands for certain stretches in prime locations within the metropolis. You could characterize our designs as minimal but never cold. We typically gut-renovate the spaces we work on and then create architectural layouts for a seamless city sanctuary. Move-in requires nothing more than a suitcase!

Our staging is not an ephemeral showroom but a ready-to-enter home where tastemakers can rest and recharge right in the heart of the culture and connections of the city. We don’t dress to impress—we dress to last through every arrival and departure. We are a sensibility in step with the times we live in. 

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Design concepts for strategic investments

We work with investors and developers in both real estate and hospitality to envision a different approach to real estate investing. We come up with unique design concepts for small boutique hotels or vacation rental buildings, deploying a time-tested business model we implemented long before Airbnb came onto the market.

First, we create a design concept that compliments the business model of an existing property or potential development. Without a carefully considered design concept, you’re unlikely to enhance your income through higher rents. MySuites & Co. will bring you a clear design and business vision that doubles rental prices for your hospitality-oriented real estate. We’ve mastered the business model for furnished, design-driven rentals!

Design + Build townhouses, beach houses, small hotels

As we design, renovate and build, we incorporate our signature Suite Life aesthetic and deliver boutique suites for lifestyle-minded clients who prioritize efficiency.

Small spaces demand a specific approach in terms of their design concept, architectural layout, and construction. The goal is to place essential physical elements within a small space but methodically fitted in a way that feels big. Our teams of local architects, engineers, and expediters easily navigate the protocols and formalities with local authorities.

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I am Leonardo Annecca

I am an architect, entrepreneur, and founder of MySuites & Co. in New York City. I have been asked many times, what is MySuites & Co.?

We are an architecture and real estate company inspired by the original Suite Life concept, a hallmark of the boutique suites we developed in New York in 2009 under the MySuites brand. With MySuites & Co., we took the Suite Life concept a step further and established a New York-based collaborative agency that blended the worlds of design, hospitality, and real estate.

MySuites & Co. was not born after Airbnb. We are an outgrowth of MySuites, the creators of the original Suite Life. We anticipated the market shift often credited to Airbnb. The Suite Life concept allowed us to tackle a particular niche within the architecture and real estate market, beginning in New York and then expanding to Europe. It places a focus on design concepts and interior architectures within spaces designed for transient use—vacation rental complexes, small hotels, and apartment-style suites. 

We design singular spaces for a nomadic, on-the-move generation who truly wants to feel at home away from home.

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