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  • Airbnb Real estate Investment Strategies for Savvy Investors

    Let’s look at how to invest in Airbnb properties. As discussed in my previous article about Airbnb investing in 2023, you can still make money with Airbnb properties — you just need to adopt the right strategy.

    Airbnb real estate investments made by small-investor families have skyrocketed within the segment of residential purchases. Until a few… Continue reading

  • Investing in Airbnb Real estate in 2023

    If you’re considering buying an Airbnb as an investment, you may be questioning, “Is Airbnb a good investment?” To answer this, we need to ask, How do Airbnb investment properties make sense in 2023, and how will you make the most profit? I’m happy to let you know that smart Airbnb investing — meaning an… Continue reading

  • The Suite life business model

    The suite life takes a new design approach to residential homes or boutique hotels. We target the remote-work nomad class — a prestigious business generation constantly on the move who often live in more than one urban city throughout the year. They spend a few months here, a few month there, and are always looking… Continue reading

  • Our Kind of Pied A Terre is More for You…

    “When it comes to fulfilling a fantasy so many of us have about owning a little piece of a city we love to play in, a pied-à-terre invokes all kinds of magical thinking, since owning one means the city is at your doorstep, even for only a few days and nights a week or month… Continue reading

  • Why We Focus on Small City Apartments

    The logic and philosophy behind choosing to design and develop small apartments is not new, at least for Leonardo Annecca.  Yet, whatever is new and counter to current real estate market trends tend to prompt the industry insiders to ask “why?”

    First, the application of concept to big metropolises like New York City, Paris and London is key… Continue reading

  • Our World of Interiors

    It’s somewhat misleading to talk about interior design for M&Co. as we are not just interior decorators that work within a pre-existing spacial framework. We can, but we have chosen to first design the space itself so that the apartment style, from furniture to light fixtures to the fabrics and materials we ultimately put in,… Continue reading

  • The Cool Kids: Who is the New Chic?

    Since I started designing at the end of the 90’s, marketers, retailers, trend setters and media have flocked to anything labeled ‘Luxury.’  It got so obsessive that the word “luxury” itself became diluted with words like ‘luxe’ and the true luxury sector scrambled to redefine what ‘Luxury’ meant, over and over again.
    Simultaneously, the concept of… Continue reading

  • Guide to Living the Suite Life

    The Suite Life. It’s a way of living that has its own style.
    It’s the lifestyle of the modern global nomad. Traveling with ease, understated luxury, at home anywhere, local connections, simplicity as sophistication and authenticity. 
    The Suite Life, as I have lived it is, one that accommodates the new creative class and the globally minded business class.… Continue reading

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