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  • People We Love: Photographer Ricky Cohete

    On the surface, photography is just point-and-shoot for many people. For someone like Ricky Cohete it goes so much deeper than that. We’re lucky to be friends with this fast-rising fashion photographer and have collaborated with him on several projects already, including FashionxDesign and Crossing NoMad. He’s not a fan of labels and clearly lets his images… Continue reading

  • Design Hotels We Love: Generator Hostel London

    This entry of “Design Hotels We Love” features the Generator Hostel in London, which was recently renovated by Toronto-based The Design Agency. While not a hotel, this hip brand leads the “design hotel” trend in the world of hostels. They currently hold eight hostels across seven cities Europe, with London their original location. Each hostel follows… Continue reading

  • FashionxDesign by Sylvio at Hamilton Suites

    FashionXDesign is a project between MySuites&Co and photographer Ricky Cohete that brings together fashion and interior design. This will take place through a continuing series of fashion shoots with  MySuites boutique suites serving as the backdrop.
    The shoots will bring in local fashion designers and models with different themes, set against different suites around Manhattan. The mission… Continue reading

  • Designers and Hoteliers in the NoMad District NYC

    A crossing path for Leonardo Annecca and Jacques Garcia at the new Triangle of Boutique Hotels in the Nomad, New York City. There is no doubt that era of boutique hotels started with Jacques Garcia and Philippe Starck in Paris at the end of the 90?s. Jacques Garcia signed the first acclaimed Hôtel Costes in… Continue reading

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