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FashionxDesign by Sylvio at Hamilton Suites

FashionXDesign is a project between MySuites&Co and photographer Ricky Cohete that brings together fashion and interior design. This will take place through a continuing series of fashion shoots with  MySuites boutique suites serving as the backdrop.

The shoots will bring in local fashion designers and models with different themes, set against different suites around Manhattan. The mission of this project is to showcase the a part of the great design and art community of NYC.

The shoot show in the gallery above is by Sylvio at the Hamilton Suites.

We’d love your input on this project and if you’re a local fashion designer or model interested in getting involved, please email Dia at

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Also check out Ricky Cohete Photography on Instagram and Tumblr.

And look out for the hashtags #FashionXDesign, #MySuites and #RickyCohete.

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