This page is exclusively dedicated to townhome owners that want to expand their real estate portfolio, and potential buyers looking for a dream townhouse in New York.


Where and how to buy a townhouse in New York

Scouting the real estate market in New York isn’t easy — even with a broker. Our vision goes beyond the advice of real estate brokers to fill you in on the potential ahead of you — with everything you need to know about properties, rentals, flipping, and the future.

Navigating the DOB approval process

We know how frustrating and time consuming the DOB process can be. Above all, you need a sound design strategy to tackle it. We have a team of architects, expediteurs, engineers and consultants to push your vision through.


Architectural process of a Townhouse

We have an edge in architectural design — particularly with small spaces. We’ve designed and sold the best small apartments in Manhattan, combining a minimalistic architectural layout with a touch of glamour that gives our clients the indelible “suite life” experience.

Building and finishing a Townhouse

This is where everybody gets lost, particularly architects who seldom think about an interior designer! We work with our crew, to design and build with efficiency and skill.


Make small gardens

Most of NYC landscape architecture firms focus on much larger scale garden design.
We can envision, design and realize small urban gardens in your townhouse. Small is key in big cities! This is a small but invaluable feature to compliment your space and bring a bit of the natural world to your doorstep. As a Brooklyn landscape design firm, we like to turn dismissed back yards into beautiful garden patio designs.