We work as consultant-interior designers and architectural  developers on a consultant fee basis.


Interior Design & Home staging

Known for designing the best small apartments in NYC, and staging top home listings for Compass and Douglas Eillman, we take a markedly different angle in our approach to interior design.

By specializing in small spaces since 2010, we’ve popularized the concept of the “Suite Life.” This design philosophy optimizes petite interiors within high-density urban contexts, and equips them for maximum functionality and style. We prioritize ingenuity, glamour, and aesthetics with a European twist you can’t buy anywhere else.

The “Suite Life” is tailored for a business generation frequently on the move, who lands for certain stretches in prime locations within the metropolis. You could characterize our designs as minimal, but never cold. We typically gut renovate the spaces we work on, and then create architectural layouts for a seamless city sanctuary. Move-in requires nothing more than a suit case!

Our staging is not meant to render an ephemeral showroom, but a ready-to-enter home where tastemakers can alight. We don’t dress to impress. We dress to last — through every arrival and departure. A sensibility in step with the times we live in.

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Design + build townhouses

We have designed and built the most glamour-infused townhouses in Brooklyn and NYC. We specialize in townhouses with a 20’x50’ footprint. To get the best from these spaces, architectural design needs to be coordinated with trusted construction teams who are conversant with these kind of renovations.

Small townhouses demand a singular approach in terms of design concept, architectural layout, and construction. The goal is to place physical elements into a small space, but methodically fitted in a way that feels big.

Our teams of architects, engineers and expediters easily navigate protocols and formalities with the Department of Buildings. If you are a townhouse owner or perspective buyer, we will guide you through a free consultation on how to approach the whole process — from the real estate search, to the move-in date, to tackling those (sometimes absurd) DOB codes. Above all, we’ll bring you a design concept that will make your home value skyrocket.


Concept design business consultants

We work with investors and developers, in both real estate and hospitality, to establish and perfect and small-scale developments. We produce and design lifestyle-driven business concepts tailored for small-medium developers and hoteliers.

Small-medium businesses require a completely different approach to their architectural vision in terms of know-how, design, construction and management. We won’t build you the new Marriott or a 40-story condo, but a family-run boutique hotels or single townhouses for residential and investments purposes — we’re here to give you an edge.

Real Estate development is the core of our business. Our founder, architect Leonardo Annecca, brings 20 years working in lifestyle-minded real estate and boutique hotel branding worldwide. After years of exclusive contracts with boutique properties, we have now opened ourselves to consultant projects.