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Nightwood NY – A Brooklyn based furniture, textiles and interiors outfit

Much beauty can be found in a weathered item brought back to life with a little creative attention and artistic vision. Brooklyn based designers Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron of Nightwood have an amazing ability to bring life and character to items thrown away or left behind. Originally from Los Angeles, these two young designers came to New York for adventure and a new challenge.

Upon their move, they were furnishing their apartment on a tight budget. So they got creative with furniture found on the streets of the city. They deconstructed these items and added their own rustic yet modern twist, reassembling them with handcrafted detail, and Nightwood was born. The name comes from a French novel from the late 30s-early 40s by Djuna Barnes. It’s a dark and romantic tale about love lost and lends inspiration to Ry and Nadia’s creations. Nightwood is also a literal reference to their city ventures in the night, finding scraps of wood and furniture after people take out their “trash”. They then begin their creative process and transform these worn treasures into functional art pieces. They usually choose pieces with authentic timeworn quality, uneven edges, old textures and patina materials. Not only is the aesthetic appeal there, but there is also a presence of sustainability and efficiency through reclaimed material.

Nightwood Studio

These designers have such a unique vision and aesthetic in utilizing reclaimed wood that we simply had to collaborate with them. We designed the Chelseamore Suite on 10th Ave with a fireplace and sliding door custom made by Nightwood. They also co-designed our new Butter Suite.

Chelseamore Suite

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