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The Best Designed (Small) Apartments For Sale in NYC: A Peek Inside M&Co.

If you’ve ever been curious as to what exactly it is we do at MySuites & Co., then this blog post is for you! As designers, we can explain best through talking about what we’ve created, are creating, and plan to create. So sit back with some coffee or tea in hand and read on!

Manhattan has been the real estate mecca for investors and dreamers of any type in the 21st century. Everyone is feverishly trying to buy a piece of the constantly changing city that never sleeps. Real estate prices have skyrocketed in the recent years, and often quality is not at the asking price.

MySuites & Co. has been in the real estate and design business for more than a decade in downtown Manhattan. Our mission has always been to offer small urban spaces designed in a way that a 440 square feet studio looks like an 800 square feet loft, with the big advantage of paying less for what you need.

We are truly passionate about creating a new way of living in an urban context. We are architects, designers and lifestyle-minded creatives. We have a strong European approach in designing for modern living, and in a city where the square inches come at prime, we definitely have ideas that cannot be stolen.

Manhattan’s real estate has a funny approach to luxury : To have a subzero stove and a fridge that take a third of your 300 square feet apartment. It’s certainly not a great idea! However, we know that New Yorkers need kitchen appliances (for the five times they use their stoves every year) and their small studios cluttered in manuscripts they have yet to workshop and journals with entries they need to write.

At M&Co. we don’t only create small spaces—we believe in them. When we enter into a new project, we envision everything from number of built-in shelves to the lighting design in each room. The outcome will be exceptional proportions and with a seamless design. We have been mastering this art by not only designing NYC spaces, but also the most beautiful small apartments around the world.

The result is that MySuites & Co. can turn the smallest space into a true haven in any high density urban living. The bad news is that you cannot commission us for any design work. We won’t sell you our design ideas, but we will sell you the finished apartments ready to move in! It sounds too convenient to be true, especially in NYC. This is exactly what allows us to be a unique design studio.

Worried about location or building? We absolutely choose the best central and charming locations ideal for stylish business people looking for high profitable investments or just chic pied-à-terre to live the NYC dream.

We believe M&Co. is the best design studio able to completely transform cluttered layouts into incomparable living spaces. Our style is an interpretation of retro-chic New York, mixing a feeling of modernism with vintage. Forget the clean, minimal Calvin Klein style. You can’t enjoy a glass of Merlot in that sort of environment.

We love atmospheres such as ACE Hotel and The Nomad Hotel. Even when we design on a white color scheme, it’s always warm and cozy with a Swiss chalet theme.

The finale: If you are a style-minded business person who is always on the go with a latte in hand, in love with the madness of Manhattan, appreciates design, and makes living with intention a priority and you looking to purchase a full-service space in the city, MySuites & Co. is your one stop shop.

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