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May 2017

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  • The Cool Kids: Who is the New Chic?

    Since I started designing at the end of the 90’s, marketers, retailers, trend setters and media have flocked to anything labeled ‘Luxury.’  It got so obsessive that the word “luxury” itself became diluted with words like ‘luxe’ and the true luxury sector scrambled to redefine what ‘Luxury’ meant, over and over again.
    Simultaneously, the concept of… Continue reading

  • Guide to Living the Suite Life

    The Suite Life. It’s a way of living that has its own style.
    It’s the lifestyle of the modern global nomad. Traveling with ease, understated luxury, at home anywhere, local connections, simplicity as sophistication and authenticity. 
    The Suite Life, as I have lived it is, one that accommodates the new creative class and the globally minded business class.… Continue reading

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