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The Dutch garden – build

Landscape design and construction for the small garden of a Townhouse in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.It was a dismissed garden for several years until we saw its potential as a beautified outdoor space, transformed without major excavations.Its southern exposure facilitated native plants once we cleaned up and eradicated the existing shrubbery. You will see from the images below that the garden design was conceived diagonally to catch the best sunlight and provide a more interesting and dynamic view of a narrow backyard. We added several levels to serve as separate beds for the plants.Despite the narrowness of the garden, we were able to craft a layout that serves two families who each enjoy their own exclusive portion of the property. To achieve this, we removed the existing access from the first floor and created a new stair from upper level.We consider the dutch garden a highly successful project with a temperate budget of around $100k.

Published: May 19, 2021



Lanscape design: $25,000 Construction: $70,000 Planting & irrigation: $18,000
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