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The Dutch Garden

The Dutch garden is a small and understated European garden conceived for a two family house.

We found this Cobble Hill gem in a state of dismissal and twisted urban decay before giving it new life with raised beds and whimsical diagonal spaces that make strategic use of light. The classic deck and gazebo we installed for seasonal al fresco dining completes this innovative remodeling.

A gorgeous two-family home in Cobble Hill that shares a narrow yard, we created and cultivated small individual gardens that offer both families a brilliant opportunity for outdoor life in a lush, romantic setting.

The Dutch Garden is an example of understated landscape design, with a minimal impact on existing structures, soil levels, and excavation. With a contained budget, we planned the garden layout based on existing levels, and incorporated a structural staircase to the upper triplex.

Even with minimal funding, the ingenuity of our diagonal architectural turned this ragged backyard into a sunny and romantic garden getaway.


Published: May 21, 2019



The Dutch house

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garden design, landscape design, build
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