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The BOND Townhouse

An exemplar of modern townhouse plans, the Bond Townhouse, Suites & Garden is an innovative boutique suites hotel that focuses on hospitality from a different angle. A landmark townhouse in the historic district of Boerum Hill and reimagined by MySuites & Co, the Bond is conceived as an urban oasis located just minutes from Manhattan. The setup operates as a small boutique hotel through membership with four 2-bedrooms suites, fully serviced, with a private garden crafted according to MS&Co.’s precise standards as a longtime NYC landscape architecture firm.


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Published: May 1, 2020



Bond Townhouse LTD London

A unique small Membership club, in a landmark building in historic district of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.  Luxury full serviced suites.


Small boutique hotel


Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, New York


Gerald Van der es


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