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The Design of Small City Apartments

The logic and philosophy behind choosing to design and develop small apartments is not new, at least for Leonardo Annecca.  Yet, whatever is new and counter to current real estate market trends tend to prompt the industry insiders to ask “why?”

First, the application of concept to big metropolises like New York City, Paris and London is key to Annecca’s strategy. In these highly populated cities, 80%, a large majority of people, live in small apartments.  And, even a bigger percentage of these small spaces are definitely not well designed for various reasons.

Second, from a personal perspective, Annecca, who thrives on creativity and advancing toward new challenges, designing small apartments seems to be a natural, logical fit.

“Bigger apartments are already much easier to live in and require less invention, less creativity, and less understanding of the lifestyles of the modern, global urbanites,” says Annecca. “A good partner with an excellent design sense or a decent interior designer can do a great job just by putting the right pieces into it and decorating the space well.”

Lastly, Annecca is a believer in the old architectural adage of “Less is More” but in an economic sense. While Annecca’s aesthetic style can vary from storybook charming to retro-chic to clean, streamlined designs, he values the financial logic of small apartments especially for those who opt to live in cities where the price per square feet or meters have skyrocketed.

When urbanites opt to invest $1M for a small apartment in a top location within the most global city centers in the world, it is a clear lifestyle choice. Rather than getting a house that’s triple the size (or much more) in the outskirts or suburbs, they have chosen to have access to the city’s cultural and nightlife offerings, the local restaurants and boutiques, the diversely populated neighborhood, over space. M&Co. wants to offer such individuals who want to live in a great location but also in style (not in a small apartment that also feels like a tiny shoebox), a diverse and unique set of options to pick and select from.

“Understanding the way of living for the hip, urban class on the move, has always been my prerogative,” says Annecca. “When I tried to summarize an ideal way to live, for me, it was through the concept of “The Suite Life.”

“The Suite Life” is how Annecca now lives, across four countries with 21 moves under his belt in the past couple of decades. “When you are young, but also not that young anymore,” he describes. “And you love to be a part of the local culture and surrounded by an understated style that’s comfortable, classy and yours.”

And whether young or young at heart, super successful or reasonably so, the ability to live where the action is without sacrificing on comfort, style and your bank account, is an enticing option anywhere in the world.


If you agree that there is great market potential for developing and re-designing small spaces and apartments in major global metropolises with the M&Co. approach, we are currently looking for investors and partners to bring a new breed of boutique properties in the real estate market.
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